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Woman Puts ‘Silly Walking Sign’ In Front Of House and Camera Proves It Was 100% Worth It

She really put her heart and soul into it.

With inflation currently sweeping across the country, many people are understandably facing difficult times, so it’s always nice when we can find a reason to smile. And even if it’s at times hard to have a good day or find a reason to laugh or smile, we can at least attempt to bring a smile to another person’s face by making them laugh with the silliest gesture.

And this TikTok user @trubbol did just that when she created a ‘silly walking’ sign and put in her yard to encourage every passerby to put on their best silly walk and surprise, surprise, she actually had someone follow the rule!


We love when someone can make another person laugh in the best way! The sign reads “You have now entered the jurisdiction of the ‘Ministry of silly walks’ commence silly walking immediately,” and is an ode to “The Ministry of Silly Walks” sketch from the 1970 Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The person in the video accepted the challenge and put on her best performance while walking her dog. While her pet seemed slightly confused at what she was doing, we can certainly appreciate the smile it brought to our faces.

The creator of the video posted a follow up video but she actually had a few more and we love the creativity of these walkers! One of the walks couldn’t help himself and walked back second time with another silly walk. LOL. We love it!