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Woman Makes DIY Simmer Pot Kits for the Holidays and They Make for the Perfect Gift

They even look like they smell good.

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If you have never smelt the deliciousness that is a simmer pot, then you are missing out my friend! In my opinion, they can be even better than candles and, best of all, you can make them out of smells that you specifically love rather than hoping to find some fragrance off the shelves. It also just feels so much homier and inviting!

Well, one TikTok creator on the SincerelyLegenia channel has made it even easier for you to create the perfect simmer pot for your own home with no muss, no fuss, and no trips to the store!


Let us start with what exactly a simmer pot is. Essentially it is a large pot, even a crockpot, that is filled with all sorts of fragrant herbs, fruits, and spices, as well as water that you can then let simmer, hence the name, for hours. This simmering allows all the ingredients to combine and give off an amazing and long-lasting smell, sort of like being able to smell that freshly cooked apple pie all day long.

Simmer pots have long been a staple worldwide but had fallen out of use as many people simply prefer candles. But creators like Legenia are bringing it back and making it easier than ever for us regular folk who have never put a pot together before to do so as well. She does so by creating ready-made and easy-to-use kits that you can just dump out into a pot, add some water, set your heat, and go. Better yet she shows off how you can do the same, making gifts that you can give out over the holidays or year-round if you so please!

Legenia starts off by squeezing fresh lemon juice into water, slicing her fruit such as fresh oranges, limes, and cranberries, making sure that everything is cut up super thin. That all goes in the lemon water for a while before she moves on to dehydrating those using the oven. She then grabs cloves, cinnamon, and some star anise for her spices before adding everything to a glass jar, then sealing it all up.

And voila! A ready-made simmer pot in a jar, ready to be dumped into a pot before making the whole house smell great!

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