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Add s Simmer Pot to Your Black Friday Wish List

Your house will thank you later

We’re currently in the thick of fall, which means we’ve been enjoying pumpkin flavored everything, the colorful leaves constantly changing on the trees, the cooler weather and unfortunately allergies. Thankfully, there are natural ways to combat allergies such as cleansing the air with onions, but if you’re looking for something to clean the air around you that not only helps with allergies but also smells like fall, then you’ll want to do what TikTok user @thelucidmind did and get you a simmer pot this Black Friday.

This simmer pot can produce some amazing smells that lasts for at least a few hours and it’s really cute, too! While she added water, cranberries and sliced apples and oranges, you can customize your simmer pot however you choose to. If you’re looking for a good recipe to help you during allergy season, you can add either mint or rosemary with slices of lime. This concoction not only helps boost your immune system, but the citrus scent can also also help balance your mood and provide you with an energy boost as well.

These blends are a natural way to get your home smelling good and is a better and healthier alternative to using candles.

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