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Woman Shows Us 3 Cleaning Hacks We Desperately Needed

The answer to questions we’ve always had
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We all have our special tips and tricks for cleaning passed down from generations or self created. Techniques such as using Dawn PowerWash on our Crocs, cleaning the mattress with baking soda, or using a mop to clean our cabinets.

TikTok’s cleaning maven @makelifesimpler_ introduced us to three new cleaning hacks that will blow your socks off!

Hack 1)

The woman shows us how to magically get the trains out of suede shoes, which is something I’ve struggled with for ions. She swears all you need is a little micellar water on a cotton round and the stations will buff right out!

Hack 2)

Those hard to reach gaps and small cracks that collect dirt, food, grime, and bacteria around the house are not easy to clean. The woman uses a toothpick wrapped in a durable paper towel to get to those hard to clean areas.

Hack 3)

Our lighter clothes that rub close to our face and necks are victims of some serious makeup stains, when they rub against us well we rub off on them. To get these stains out the woman says all you need is a little shaving cream. Simply dab it on and rub it in until the stains buff out!

So excited to have a few more cleaning tricks in my bag!

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