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Woman Shares the Best Necklace Layering Hack We Didn't Know We Needed

You won't wear your necklaces any other way after trying this.

I love layering my necklaces. Each of them have sentimental meaning to me and I love the regal look, so it’s rare I take them off unless I absolutely have to. However, as much as I love wearing them all at once, I can’t stand how tangled my necklaces get as a result of consistently the consistent wear. It’s practically the bane of my jewelry wearing existence.

But, tangles are now appearing to soon be a thing of the past, thanks to TikTokuser @veercraft who shows us this super simple hack that completely eliminates necklace tangles and I love it here!


How easy is that?! There’s no need to purchase a necklace clasp to make sure your necklaces layer effortlessly. It’s so simple, it has me questioning why I never thought to do this. Other viewers were just as stunned. “This is so simple but so genius,” @zoe_n0t_zoey wrote. Another TikTok user @sockbunstudios wrote “This is AMAZING. How do I send videos to heaven because my grandma definitely needs to see this. She’d be just as stunned as me. LOL.” TikTok user @rachaeln1981 confirmed how great this hack is when she wrote “I love this hack. Saw it a few weeks ago. I can finally wear 2 necklaces at once.” Another TikTok user @w8..what commented “Mind blown! Thank you!”

There you have it, it works! I’m never going back to wearing my necklaces how I normally wear them. This necklace hack is pure gold (pun absolutely intended)!