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These Pantry Kitchen Hacks Make Cleaning (And Life) So Much Easier

You probably already have everything you need.

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Okay, I’ll admit. Cleaning dishes is kind of my thing. I’m not sure exactly what contributes to dishes being more of a therapeutic chore for me, but I enjoy it. However, the one thing I don’t like about washing dishes is scrubbing profusely to try and get difficult stains out of pots and pans. While I do have a tried-and-true method, I’m always appreciative when I come across another method that works, especially when it involves minimal and natural ingredients.

Insert TikTok content creator @creative_explained here. Recently, he uploaded a video showing how every day kitchen pantry staples can be used to get your kitchen all the way in order!


How life changing are these hacks?! I would have never thought to put oil spray in a container before adding honey as a way to make the honey come out so much easier when using it to bake; same thing goes with the cheese grater. My mind is blown! Also, who knew a lemon half would make a great scrubber?! I especially liked the oven cleaning hack as well. The best thing about all of these hacks are that all of the ingredients are natural and it’s likely we already have them in our pantry!

The comment section had people who took his advice and saw success in their kitchens. “I used the dish soap, baking soda and vinegar for a stain that I had on my quartz countertop and bam it was gone! Thanks for these,” @edbrunswick commented. “Great tips; I learned a few new ones. Thanks,” @itsallnunew wrote. “Baking soda + vinegar = magic,” @coyotecalamity commented.

I’m excited to try these cleaning hacks in my kitchen soon!