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Florida Man Uses Straw To Help Make Screwing Tiny Screws In Easier

This is genius at work.

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Okay, so we’re convinced we need to keep straws around the house for a lot more than to simply sip on our favorite beverages. We’ve seen how straws can be used as an amazing hack when working on a sewing project and now we have another great use for them.

Courtesy of TikTok content creator @jmg8tor, this straw hack is perfect for when you have projects that require the use of tiny screws that are not easy to keep up with thanks to their size. If you’re a person that struggles with this problem often, then you may want to try this simple hack for yourself!


Unsurprisingly, this quick video has already garnered over two million views given how simple and effective this hack appears to be. All you have to do is get a half cut straw and slide it over the screwdriver before placing your screw into the opening of the straw. This hack works because the straw holds the tiny screw in place while you’re attempting to screw something in.

We’re impressed with this genius hack and so are the folks in the comment section. “Dude… as a single woman who does everything myself, you have single handedly CHANGED MY LIFE!!” @mindybee123 shared. “Damn, that’s genius,” @lane2025 wrote. “Brilliant you need to be teaching in Yale, Harvard things that really matter in life!” @stl_showmestate commented.

We share the same sentiments as his followers and viewers; these hacks are quite life-changing. 

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