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Woman’s Simple Stair Makeover Changes the Entire Vibe of the Room

We’re eyeing our own steps now!

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It seems as if staircases are the new “go-to” areas of people’s homes when they’re itching to do a somewhat simple (yet extremely detailed) DIY that can potentially revamp the entire space. We’ve seen one woman on TikTok give her staircase a gothic makeover that we swooned over and another TikTok user paint her porch steps black to “spice them up” and complement her black and yellow checkered tile we fell in love with her approach.

Our most recent staircase makeover that we had to share comes from TikTok user @amberormondroydhome. Her staircase makeover is unlike anything we’ve seen before and we are absolutely here for it!


In the video that’s already amassed over 21 million views since yesterday, she started off the DIY project by painting the outsides of each stair white and leaving only the center of the staircase unpainted. At this point, we can’t quite see where the DIY project is going, but this is when it’s important to remember to trust the process. After a quick clip showing her receiving a little massage from her partner, she continued the process and revealed the final look of the staircase that featured white outer edges and a beige center with a black trimming.

Much like the comment section, we love this DIY staircase! It’s absolutely gorgeous!