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Renter Thinks There’s a Sinkhole In Her Backyard and Claims Landlord Refuses to Address It

Yeah… that’s definitely not normal

We’ve seen some unusual backyard activity before when this couple uploaded a video to their TikTok account showing a large structure they believe to be an old tomb engulfed by a thick green ivy plant.

As if that wasn’t strange enough, there’s now another TikTok user @clitosaurusrex69 who also has some bizarre activity happening in their own backyard. They recently showed us what appears to be a developing sinkhole in their backyard and we’ve never seen anything like this before!


We’re no plumbers but if there are flies flying around the entire backyard, is it safe to assume that there may be an issue with the drainage or sewage? Whatever the case, this definitely isn’t normal activity. What’s even more unfortunate is they mentioned how they reported the issue to their landlord but the landlord doesn’t appear to care to resolve the issue.

Thankfully, viewers took to the comments to offer suggestions on how to get the ball rolling and potentially get this issue resolved by telling the realtor of the video to contact the city officials in their are.

At the moment they’re using a tiki torch to not only see how deep it is, but to also slow down the the progression of the alleged sink hole.

This situation is unfortunate and hopefully it’ll get resolved quickly!