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Plumber Saves Elderly Couple From Getting “Taken” Over Minor Sink Issue

This is it why it is important to know how to fix things in your home.

Although rewarding, owning a home can get quite expensive depending on what work needs to be done. Aside from doing the fun projects such as painting and doing room makeovers, sometimes, major unintentional “projects” need to be done and if you don’t know how to do them yourself, it can get pretty costly.

However, thanks to the contractors and repair workers who share their repair tips on social media, many of us can now attempt to do our own repairs without paying a high cost as a result of seeking professional help, especially when it ends up being an easy fix.

Such is the case with this elderly couple who had lower water pressure coming out of their bathroom sink and was about to be charged a whopping $750 to repair it until this nice and honest plumber showed them (and his followers) how to easily fix this issue.


The plumber, @mechanicallyincleyend, who posts plenty of helpful repair videos to his TikTok account, showed us how this couple had a low flow issue in their wide spread faucet. They were quoted $750 to “fix” the issue, however, as seen in the video, all it needed was to be cleaned. To clean it, the plumber simply removed the dirty aerator and cleaned it with CLR by soaking it for 10 minutes then rinsing it with warm water.

That’s all it took and the water pressure issue was immediately resolved. How nice of this repairman to not only fix the issue for this elderly couple, but show the rest of us how to easily do this ourselves should we ever have to!