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U.K. Man Starts Epic Debate Over a “Sink Washing Bowl”

Is this normal or…

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We all do things differently not only according to our own rules we designed for our household, but also in different continents, countries and cultures. And while that’s completely okay because everyone has their preference to how they do things and it presents the opportunity to learn from each other’s differences, there are some things are still quite shocking to how different we do certain things when compared to the next individual.

Such is the case with this overseas TikTok content creator who is completely stunned by folks who do not use a bowl in the sink to wash dishes. And while he’s stunned by us who don’t use what he refers to as a “sink washing bowl,” we’re hilariously questioning why he uses one at all!


Okay, so watching the video leaves us a little perplexed. We can’t figure out how he has two sinks and has a bowl in his sink to wash the dishes. Exactly how does he wash the dishes? We had questions that needed answers so we went to his TikTok account and found another video where he tries what he refers to as the America, Canada and Australian method of washing dishes by removing the sink washing bowl and placing his “plug” into the sink before filling it with soap and water. He then proceeds to wash his dishes with the soapy water and proceeds to stick them straight onto the dish drying rack without rinsing. We’re still perplexed because there’s now an empty sink where he’s able to rinse the dishes!

Judging by the comment section in both of the videos, we’re not the only ones shook by his method of washing dishes, especially because he has two sinks! LOL. Like majority of the comments read, we are with you if you want to use the sink washing bowl, but we can’t get down with not rinsing the dishes. Haha!