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DIYer Surprises Sister With Bedroom Makeover and Gets Surprised As Well!

We call this a win-win situation.

We have seen so many lovely people out there who give loving surprises to family and friends. There have been bedroom makeovers for parents who have gone out of town for the weekend, or child playroom updates to help make a kiddo feel loved and appreciated.

And yet we are still in awe and appreciation of those who go out of their way to do something nice for others, and even better when they get a surprise in return!


Bri, of DIYBri on TikTok, loves to do bedroom remodels. So back when covid was hitting and she had a little more time on her hands she decided to surprise her beloved sister with a floor-to-ceiling bedroom makeover. Now, the room itself wasn’t… terrible. In fact we are kind of digging the colors, and especially the original headboard that Bri’s sister had.

Regardless, Bri decided that while her sister would away, she would get to ‘play’. Everything got a brand new coat of paint while she used Sketchup to help design a layout of her vision for the room. This would ensure that everything had a proper place, and that she could play around with where everything should go without actually having to drag a bed or other furniture around.

In the end Bri’s sister wound up with a brand new wall-mounted desk, beautiful display shelves up on her newly-painted walls, a picture frame display, and a newly re-covered headboard in a pattern that was more fitting to the new color scheme.

Best of all, that surprise that Bri got? She wound up being featured in a magazine which helped kickstart her career as a DIY interior designer! In other words, by doing good by her sister, Bri also did good for herself!

Don’t you wish everything worked out like that?