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Run, Don't Walk, To Make This Creepy Wall Décor For Halloween

Three words... skeleton. hand. decor...

Is there anything better to do during Halloween season than get a little creepy? (We think not.) We absolutely love coming up with creative ways to totally creep out our friends or neighbors with everything from giant spiders to all-too-realistic spider webs!

So let’s look at yet another creepy-cool Halloween decor idea that you can use right now to get yourself totally in the holiday spirit! And don’t blame us if your house become a little ‘too’ spooky!


Alexis Cutter’s bio reads that she loves DIY’s, hacks, and shenanigans and we think that she has hit the nail on the head with this new Halloween decoration idea. It hits everything you want - creepy, interesting, and easy enough to make with just a little bit of effort. Even better, it isn’t even that expensive!

So to do this you will want to head to your local Dollar Store, or even a craft store, and pick up a few things. The laundry list includes : a skeleton arm (with hand), some craft foam, a glass jar, no flame candles, crafter’s twine, fake moss, and to wrap everything up, some ‘creepy cloth’. Essentially this last you can buy, but you could also make yourself from any tattered black fabric.

Once you get everything back home you’ll want to break the skeleton’s arm in half and remove any labels from your jars. Toss in the flameless candle and some of the fake moss then screw the lid back on. Take a bit of your twine and wrap it around the top, leaving enough at the top to create a handle for it to hang from. Alexis adds that you can blot on some paint to help age everything up a little bit, so if you want to go all out follow that step as well.

Alexis’ next instructions involve the craft foam and a bit of painting you can then put everything up on the wall and finish the look off by draping the tattered fabric over where the two meet. Hang your ‘candle lantern’ from the skeleton hand and voila - your house’s creep factor just went up by 100%!