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Neighbors Engage In a Full-In Skeleton War and It’s Too Good

This is amazing
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Bring out those skeletons! October is one of our favorite times of the year with the decorations that are flooding front porches! We're talking front porches that are booming with carved pumpkins, orange and black lights, spooky statues of ghosts and witches, and perhaps the most infamous of them all: skeleton figurines.

We all know and love the classic halloween skeleton, but there are so many more options on the halloween décor market, so many that TikToker @briauas_hair_repair and her neighbor seemed to have found them all in this hilarious halloween skeleton war story, that started with two small halloween decorations and some friendly competition.


In the spirit of Halloween the woman placed a cute skeleton figurine of a cat outside her apartment door, which just so happened to be right next to her neighbor's skeleton figurine of a dog. The neighbor noticed the cat show up on the porch and moved the figurines around so the two were interacting. This started a funny war between the neighbors that has no end in sight. Every so often, the two neighbors have gone back and forth adding new skeleton figures to the scene- a rat, a monkey, a frog, a unicorn, and a plethora of pumpkins. The woman jokes in the video that the entire apartment complex is in on the war, admiring what she and the neighbor have started. She ends the video outside of the Spirit Halloween store speaking about her excitement over the “bag full of skeletons” she had just bought.

The woman made a part two video of the friendly competition and wow is it exciting! Who knew there were so many skeleton figurines on the market? Here's to hoping the tradition will continue over the coming holidays!