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DIY Bleeding Skull Candle Is Surprisingly Easy to Make

We love this for Halloween!

Need a cool project for your upcoming Halloween party or just looking to decorate your house with some spooky, cool decorations? What would you say to h a bleeding skull candle without having to pay a hefty price tag for one?

Yeah, we thought you would totally be on board!


Parmveer is a creator who loves Halloween just as much as we do, and when they had a chance to create a candle, they knew they wanted to do something a bit… unusual. They landed on a ‘bleeding skull’ candle and even if they didn’t have a whole lot of training the end result is almost too cool to believe.

Using a plastic hollow skull purchased online, Parmveer is able to create the perfect mold for her candle. She does this by cutting a hole at the top, then melting down some white and red candles.

The first step, after melting the candles, is to pour in the melted white wax using the hole cut earlier. She then inserts a glass candle holder that fits into the gap, which creates a hollow space in the middle as the wax dries. Once dried, she removes the center glass holder and pours the blood red color into the space left behind.

To turn it into a useable candle, Parmveer also adds a wick, holding it in place until the wax hardens enough to hold it in place. Once everything is completely set (we recommend leaving it overnight just to make sure the wax is fully hardened), she cuts the back of the skull and pulls each side apart, revealing a perfectly formed wax skull.

Once lit the inner red core of the candle starts to ‘bleed’ through, creating that totally creepy (and totally awesome) effect. So what do you think? Are you going to try this totally easy Halloween DIY yourself, or is it a bit too creepy for your tastes?