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Couple’s DIY Slat Wall Is so Easy and So Adorable to Pull Off

It looks so good!

The color of your paint is probably the most important part when it comes to home makeovers, as it sets the mood for everything else, such as furniture and light fixtures. What many people love to add to their homes before they decide to completely give their walls a fresh paint job, is an accent wall. Like this TikToker did with her drip DIY project. 

An even cooler feature is adding other material to the wall you're painting, as this DIYer and TikToker Lauren (@lkbuilds) did to her wall. 


Pretty trippy! At first, it doesn't even look like wood is added to the wall, but more so another color of paint, except three-dimensional. Fairly easy DIY project. All you need is wood slats, some paint in the color of your choice, some screws, or a nail gun, and you can start. But first, you would need the measurements of your wall and an idea of how many slats you want to use before you head to Home Depot to get all the material. Being precise in DIY projects is crucial. Once you got it all figured out, you can get the slats cut and the fun begins. It doesn't look like it took them a long time, but you want to make sure the wall is completely dry after the second coat of paint before you start adding the slats. 

What an easy room transformation. We are definitely taking notes!