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Woman Shows What a Difference “Slow Vacuuming” Makes On Carpets

Just look at that dust bin!

Cleaning… It is a typical household chore, but not many of us like to spend hours doing it. It is a perfunctory task, taking up the time we could be using doing something more fun, but it is so necessary. After all, as much as we hate to clean, don’t we also love a clean home just as much?

Unfortunately for those of us who like to rush through cleaning, at least one TikTok creator is now pointing out how slow may be better, at least when it comes to vacuuming properly.


The proof is in the pudding, or at least in the vacuum’s dust pan, according to Maeve from over on TikTok. Now, she calls herself a ‘vacuum enthusiast’, and while we might not say the same thing about ourselves (far from it, in fact), at least we are in good company to get advice from.

She goes to show us, through the video, that she started with a completely empty vacuum dust pan, only for it to quickly get filled up over the course of her ‘slow’ vacuuming session. Now, we will warn you, if you get squeamish over dirt then this video isn’t for you, but any cleaning aficionado will probably go gaga over just how much dirt and ‘uck’ is getting sucked up.

While we don’t know, yet, if Maeve’s claims that slow vacuuming will leave your own carpet feeling ‘softer than Charmin’s own rolls’, her high praise does make us want to actually take the time getting dirt out of our floors.

But the real question is - how slow should you be going?

One commenter made the suggestion that you should try and pace your vacuum similar to how you would shampoo your carpet, while another says fifteen to twenty seconds per square foot. See what works for you and let us know!