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Houston Woman’s Small Business Idea Is Making Moms Everywhere Happy

What a cool concept!

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There are plenty of small businesses out there nowadays, serving everything from the most basic needs to the top of the high-end DIYs. You can spot door sign makers, dice creators, and businesses aimed at teachers, librarians, nerds, and beyond. Pretty much if there is something out there to be made, some idea to be making money from, someone out there is likely doing it!

And yet still there are those ideas that surprise us, and even thrill us, such as this slumber party startup from Houston creator Ericka Aalp!


So what is Ericka’s wonderful idea?

Honestly, it is both simple and game-changing! It is a party rental idea, but rather than bounce houses or a clown coming to your home, it is actually mini tents that are perfectly decorated for various kinds of slumber parties!

The tents are perfectly adorable - each one of a good enough size to fit over a small air mattress, which Ericka’s company also provides. Each tent comes with a colored covering, a small air mattress with matching sheets, lights and decorations to also fit the general theming of the event, and of course some pillow and blankets to make things extra comfy!

What is even better is that Ericka’s small business comes in, sets everything up, then takes it all down at the end. The kiddos get to come in, enjoy the space while chatting with friends, watching movies, and more, then the parents don’t have to even worry about cleaning up at the end of the night!

Even Ericka’s partner has gotten in on the game, coming in to help whenever he is needed. And with just how many slumber parties need to be set up for, and taken down, we can imagine he is needed quite a bit!

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