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Woman Shares How She Transforms Dead Space In Small Condo to Make It Functional

It’s a pretty simple project
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Living the condo life is very conventional; you don't have to fuss over yard work and landscaping, there is typically no cost when things need fixing or repair, the parking lots stay plowed during winter storms, and you always have a plethora of close neighbors to ask for a cup of sugar from when making cookies if you run out.

One of the only drawbacks of condo living is the simple fact that space is limited, very limited. There often is little storage which can be tricky for us folks who like stuff, but also like the idea of living small.

 TikTok content creator @myhomegoals posted a video showing off her DIY wall transformation that makes perfect sense for small condos and made use of prior unusable space!

Transforming the dead wall space next to a closet door the woman gets to work. She heads to the hardware store and purchases a few sections of white shiplap and some L brackets.

Using the L brackets the woman screws them to the back of one of the ship lap pieces to create a shelf. She mounts the freshly assemed shelf to the wall and fills the gaps with white caulking. Directly under the shelf she adds more boards until she gets all the way down to the wall trim. The woman attaches wall hooks under the shelf and finishes the sides with outer trim molding.

This is a great way to make use of dead space!

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