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These Three Easy Hacks Will Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Good All Day Long

You probably already have everything you need!

The first thing that most visitors notice when walking into your home is its’ scent. Candles and plug-ins are always a great option to ensure your house smells amazing, however, there are other options that not only work just swell, but can be much cheaper option as well!

While a couple of these smell good hacks from TikTok content creator @lorafied can be used throughout your entire home, they’ll work best in your bathroom. Not only are these hacks effortless to do, you likely already have everything on hand!


As she mentions in the quick video, the following three hacks will make your bathroom smell better and maintain that great smell for quite a while. The first hack involves taking your favorite essential oil scent such as lavender, citrus or jasmine and add a few drops to some rice in a small jar and place it behind your toilet. The next step is to add some drops of your essential oil to a few cotton balls and toss them into your trashcan. The final hack is simply adding a few drops of essential oil to your toilet paper roll, the inside of your toilet tank and your toilet brush.

Much like the comment section of this video, we love the simplicity of these easy hacks and can see how they can possibly work wonders in ensuring your bathroom smells amazing!