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Apparently, We’ve Been “Deodorizing” Our Homes All Wrong

This is the secret to a good smelling house.

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Having a clean and fresh-smelling home is everyone's goal but accomplishing that seems impossible. Especially with kids and pets around. And where air freshener plug-ins and scented candles help a little, they only last that long until the musky smell returns. However, there might be a reason for this unpleasant smell - your central air unit.

If you have a home with central air, you must know to change your filters regularly, as well as other basic air conditioning maintenance. But there is more to it, as TikToker Markie Grabill of the channel @officiallymomingyou just figured out. As she shows us in her video how to fix the problem of a smelly home. 


So aside from changing your air filters, you can choose scented air filter pads instead, which you can probably find on Amazon. Honestly, this is genius and it makes sense that something like this exists. However, if you don't have them handy, one TikToker suggested using dryer sheets, like the brand Bounce, which also does the job. 

The only issue you might encounter is that - according to the creator and other TikTokers - it won't last long! One mentioned it only lasted about two days. However, it works if you have family - like your in-laws - or friends come over, so you can pop it in the day of and don't have to worry about a thing. But as mentioned before, air freshener plug-ins and such don't last long either, or maybe it is because we get used to them. 

Another TikToker suggested using essential oils on regular air filters. I guess all suggestions sound good and should be tried out.