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Mom Comes Up With Genius Solution for Snack Access for “Needy” Kids

This is so cool!

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If you’re a stay-at-home parent that also happens to juggle working from home, whether full-time or part-time, it’s hard work trying to balance both jobs, but thankfully, there area some hacks floating around TikTok to help make the busy days a little easier.

One hack you may want to adapt, is giving your kid(s) snack access by trying this simple solution courtesy of TikTok user @domesticblisters, via @mommacusses.

Listen, I know it may sound crazy to give your kid what seems to be unlimited access, but this solution is simply genius! Of course, it may be necessary to establish boundaries and rules for the snack basket in order for it to work, but once you do that, I can definitely see how this solution can be an easy time-saving hack for the busy remote-working parent.

It also helps to provide balance in the snack baskets. So be sure to add healthy snacks such as whole fruits like apple, clementines or oranges, as well as adding the not-as-healthy snacks such as fruit snacks, chips or cookies.

Creating this snack basket not only saves you a bit of time to do other important tasks while working and caring for your children, but also teaches your child a little independence — it’s a win all around!

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