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Man Has Perfect Trick for Propagating Snake Plants

Who knew it could be this easy?

One of the best things about Snake Plants, at least in my opinion, is the fact that they are pretty hardy. My grandmother would say they’re darn near ‘idiot proof’ even. I personally have had one in my house off and on for years, throughout multiple trips when I’ve moved, the occasional rough pulling from kids, and the once in a while week or more that I’ve forgotten to water the poor things.  But one thing I didn’t know was a particular really neat plant hack that could pretty much ensure limitless Snake Plants.


Creative_Explained is our TikTok creator for this cool plant hack, and he reveals that with only a single leaf, you can clone yourself a Snake Plant. All it takes is a leaf, a little know how on where and how to cut the leaf, and a glass of water to start the propagation process. 

I, for one, thought you had to actually plant roots to propagate a plant, so seeing this process was very interesting. It reminded me a little bit of a science experiment, like when you grow beans as a child in elementary school to see which way the roots would grow.

Commenters are sharing their thoughts under the video, with many adding their own explanations or tips for growing. One mentioned that it took up to two months to see new roots form for her, which could be a good thing to keep in mind if you are expecting some fast growth. Another commenter posted about how she had been doing this for years with her snake plant that had clocked in at over forty years old!

Also, should I be worried about how many people are now talking about raising a Snake Plant army?