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If You’re Thinking Of Repotting Your Plants, This Is Why You Should Do It

They’ll “thank” you.

Repotting is so necessary when it comes to caring for your plants. Whether you’re choosing to repot your plants for aesthetics and want to upgrade your plant’s home to a more stylish planter or the time has come for your plant’s living quarters to be moved to a bigger space to continue growing in the right direction, repotting your plant is important, especially if it’s for the latter reason.

Typically, depending on the plant you have, it’s best to repot your plant once annually. The longer you wait, the more your plant can become root bound and makes it harder for your plants to thrive and grow. Such is the case with TikTok user @wiseass123, who avoided repotting her beautiful snake plant for three years!


To repot her lovely snake plant, she simply pushed in on the sides of her plastic planter to loosen it from the plant. Next, she double checked to make sure her snake plant would not only fit into her new pot, but would also have room to grow. She then added new soil to the new pot and massaged the snake plant to allow the roots to be free before placing it into its’ new home. Finally, she planted the snake plant and simply watered it.

We’re amazed by how resilient snake plants are! They’re low maintenance and don’t require much attention which makes it a great house plant, especially for new plant parents.

However, not all plants are created equal. Some plants require more attention and should be repotted on a more strict schedule to not only maintain its’ lush and vibrant appearance, but to also continue to grow.