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These Coffee Filter Snowflakes Are a Great Way to Keep Kids Busy This Thanksgiving

Because after all, long meals can be tough.

The holiday season is the perfect season to get all hands on deck and get crafty to create some cool DIY Christmas decor. Craft projects work also great to keep the kiddos occupied during Thanksgiving, once the sugar kicked in from one too many cookies. Whichever the reason, sometimes all you need to keep your kids busy is a pair of scissors and paper - or coffee filters - while you just sit back and relax.

TikTok creator @timmsevitz demonstrates in his video how to get crafty with some simple coffee filters, and it's genius!

Such a great idea! I used to love making snowflakes as a kid. 

For this crafty project, you can use those cheap coffee filters from the Dollar Tree. Then you need some kid-friendly markers, and by kid-friendly, I mean washable - such as Crayons, a spray bottle with water, and last but not least; scissors. 

First, you or your kids can color the coffee filter with a bunch of different colors, spray water on it, and let the colors blend. The pattern reminds me a little bit of tie-dye. Once they are dried, you can fold the coffee filter three times and then cut any type of pattern to create a snowflake design. You could tape them in the window, or create a garland and hang it around the Christmas tree or throughout your home. 

This is a fun crafty kids' project, that is easy and inexpensive. What else could you ask for?

I don't even have kids and I feel compelled on cutting out some snowflakes from coffee filters. 

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