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These Cute Snow Globe Mini-Terrariums Make for Cheap and Easy Gifts

We'd love it if someone made us this!

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Need something quick, easy, cute, and most of all, cheap for a thoughtful gift? Have we just got just the thing for you! So let’s dive in and let the creators over on the HousePlusPlant channel show us exactly how to transform Target snow globes and a little bit of plant propagation into the perfect gift just in time for Christmas!

And if you need a little help wrapping the gift up after you’ve made it? Well, we’ve got you covered there too!


So to start off this project you’ll want to head to your local Target (or another craft store), and grab some of the mini snow globes, the empty ones that are obviously meant to be used for crafting and decorations! Get a couple of those, as well as some sphagnum moss and some perlite, if you’d like some added decor.

Get everything home, thoroughly wash and dry all of your gear, then choose a plant of your own to cut and propagate. (Here are a few tips if you need some pointers!) Once you have a few cuttings, get your sphagnum moss all spruced up and lightly wet, then put it in the bottom of your snow globe base. From there insert your cutting, then surround it with some of the perlite, which the creator uses because they like how it resembles snow!

From there all you have to do is cover the plant up! The moss and perlite help keep everything damp so these plants need very little to properly propagate, and you can give them as little gifts that take a bit of your home and add some light in theirs! In other words - nearly the perfect gift!

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