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Man’s Genius Hack Might Mean You Never Have to Shovel Your Stairs Again

The snow is gone just like magic.

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There are some life hacks that are just too good. And this latest hack we found from TikTok user @peterjlouden is one of them. If you’ve ever experienced snow then you know just how beautiful it is, but after a while, it can become a bit much and can even be quite dangerous, especially if you’re going down a flight of stairs.

Going down a flight of snow-covered stairs can be quite risky if you’re trying to avoid slipping, so it makes sense why people opt to shovel the snow away. However, with this genius hack, you never have to worry about shoveling snow again!

Okay, this is too good! Rather than shovel the snow-covered staircase, @peterjlouden knew snow would eventually fall in his area and put a large black tarp over his entire staircase before the snow landed on his staircase. When the snow eventually came, the tarp caught it and all that was left to do was to gather the tarp and simply slide it down to remove it from the staircase.

Unsurprisingly, people in the comment section were amazed with this hack. “Real men of genius...Today we salute you, Mr. Snow Tarp Stairs guy,” @livingwilder wrote. “10 out of 10 satisfaction.” @amw0lf commented. “He gets a gold star for the day,” @vanilla_and_salsa shared.

What a simple, yet, effective hack!

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