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This Simple Snowflake Drawing Tutorial Can Help Make Your House a Winter Wonderland

Even the worst artists could pull this off.

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When you think of winter and Christmas, what are the first things that pop into your mind? Is it time spent with family and friends, gorgeous Christmas trees and decorations, or maybe snow falling gently outside? Snowflakes tend to be such an iconic part of winter, and they are included in tons of decorations, but at the same time, they aren’t necessarily easy to make, or even draw, for many people.

Luckily TikTok creator and window artist Victoria has just the trick to drawing snowflakes that makes the entire process such a breeze that you’ll find yourself adding them to every nook and cranny and open space that you can!


So for this easy-to-follow snowflake tutorial, Victoria uses a paint pen that works on windows and mirrors. You will draw a straight vertical line to create the base, then angle off two lines on each side from that base, essentially creating a wide v on each side, and you should end up with something that looks a bit like a star.

From there Victoria repeats this exact same process a couple more times, giving herself a base snowflake to work off of each time. She then goes back to the very first snowflake and starts adding a small upside-down v’s between each of the big lines, creating a diamond-like pattern at the center. Diamonds are then added to the outermost tips of each snowflake line and more arrow patterns down the center as well, helping fill out the center.

Each snowflake base then gets its own unique spin, with some getting more arrow lines, and others getting circles, diamonds, and more. The point of the entire process is to make sure that each one looks just a little bit different from the next one, creating an array of snowflakes that feels more natural, and pretty. And it really is that simple!

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