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Woman Curls Hair Beautifully Using Only Socks

This was entirely unexpected.

For at least the past decade or so, many people began to embrace their natural hair texture and learned how to care for their curls. Curls have become so popular, that people whose hair is naturally straight, have attempted different methods to achieve textured hair.

From wrapping strands around plastic straws to spending hours twirling hair around fingers to achieve a desired look, we’ve just about seen it all, or so we thought.

TikTok user erinduganjurchak recently uploaded a video showcasing the viral hair hack that uses a secret, yet highly effective tool - socks. Many beauty influencers have tried and now consider this hair hack a must in their hair routine when they want to achieve a head full of curls. The results are astonishing!


Surprise, surprise - this hair hack works wonderfully! Who knew gym socks could be used to achieve this beautiful hairstyle? All she did was roll her hair around the sock, place the toe of the sock on top of the wrapped curl, then use the opening of the sock to cover the whole thing to secure it. Do this in multiple sections, with the size depending on how big you want the curls. And that’s it! We’re both surprised and stunned by the beautiful outcome.

It’s amazing how many people spend so much money on hair tools or going to the salon to achieve similar results when they could have been using socks the entire time. Cheers to another great beauty hack that we can appreciate!