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This Is a Sign You Need a ‘90s Looking Necklace Made Out of Soda Can Tabs

It looks so stylish!

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Most jewelry is quite pricey, especially if it's real gold or silver, not to mention diamonds. And although fast fashion is a thing, many people try to stay away from it, as it produces so much waste. Therefore, why not just upcycle what you have and create some sick jewelry with them? Such as these vintage spoon rings. 

TikTok creator Anna Molinari (@annamolinstinct) had a similar, yet slightly different idea when it comes to upcycling and creating jewelry, as she shares in her video. 


I am getting total '90s flashbacks! In my time it was cool to hang soda can tabs on your school backpack. I never thought of creating a necklace or a key chain with it. It certainly looks cool and is so versatile! 

All you need are a bunch of soda can tabs and wire cutters! If you drink a lot of soda or canned sparkling water you are golden, as you can save them. If not eBay will be your friend, as these seem to also be inexpensive. 

Keep in mind that this will be a bit time-consuming so if you aren't a patient person, this DIY project might not be for you but if you have time to kill, definitely go for it. 

As you can see in the video, the first step requires you to remove that extra piece of metal on the chunky end. Then take another soda can tab, cut the thinner end and attach it to the one you just cut the metal piece off. Make sure the smoother side is on the outside. Attach three more, leaving the last one with the smoother side on the outside, and continue until you reached your desired length. To connect and close your soda can tabs, you can use a big safety pin. That's it!

As a safety tip, make sure to cut the metal piece away from you, so it doesn't accidentally hit you in the eye. 

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