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Man Transforms Old Sofa Into King Size Dog Bed and We're Impressed

What a lucky dog!

We’re constantly impressed by the talent and skill furniture flippers have. Seriously, it’s amazing how they’re able to take an old, barely-hanging-together furniture piece, and not only see its’ potential, but actually transform that piece into something both functional and beautiful.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator @reynaybella. He took an old sofa and used his handy furniture flipping skills to completely transform it and make it into an extra comfortable king size dog bed!


In the video, he rips apart the sofa by removing its’ legs and removing all of the cloth, leaving only the frame. Next, he uses some scissors and a staple gun to add foam and a brown camouflage-patterned cloth to complete the simple project. We’re impressed by how cute and big this dog bed is and unsurprisingly, many viewers of this video want this cute dog bed for their fur babies as well, with many people wanting to know how much he’s selling it for and if he ships. Hopefully, he’ll make and potentially sell more of these, given how many people in the comments love it.

This size of bed will be perfect for dog parents of Rottweilers, mastiffs, Great Danes or any other large size dog! Would you buy this cute bed for your pup?