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Woman Transforms ‘Spooky’ Forest Home Into Magical Wonderland

And all it took was some solar lights!

How many of us dream of living out in the forest, surrounded by the beauty of nature in our own little home? You know we do. That is the entire basis of cottage core, and as our daily lives become more of a struggle, those simple places become more and more desirable.

But what if you had just such a hideaway, except at night it got a little… spooky? Well, you’d transform it into exactly what you wanted, right?


This transformation is exactly what Avigail Adam did. Her home, tucked away in a small glade and surrounded by the thick growth of trees, was the dream destination for anyone looking for some time away from the real world. The unfortunate side - at night the woods around her home could get a little spooky.

So her idea? Light up the space and take back the night! She went out and purchased some solar-powered light up globes in bulk, the kind that change colors with only the flick of a switch. After charging them in the sun for six to eight hours, Avigail then laid out the lights, and also some more lights in the form of beautiful candles and candle holders and string after string of fairy lights, wound around the trees and other areas of her ‘glade’.

The results at night are absolutely stunning, taking the once spooky garden area and transforming it into the glade you might think to discover some beautiful, mythical creature resting for a short time. Honestly, it is almost hard to believe just how much of a difference a few lights made, and we would love to come over and have a drink or two while taking the time to relax in her newly lit garden!