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Watch This Hysterical Anti-Solicitor Sign Work In Real Time

Too. Freaking. Funny.

Is there anyone out there who really likes solicitors? If so, we don’t know them, and we can certainly say that we aren’t one of their number! In fact, there have been many a times when we’ve had a solicitor come to our door and all we have wanted to do is either hide or run away.

But what if there was a third solution, and all it involved was putting a simple sign up on the side of your house that could help stop solicitors before they get started? That is exactly what one crafty creator did, and you’re going to want to nab the idea for yourself before long!


BadYaya on TikTok has a ‘thing’ for solicitors, and it isn’t necessarily a good one. In fact, she’s had enough bad experiences with people coming up and knocking on her door only to try and sell her things that she finally decided that enough was enough so she came up with, created, and put a sign on her door’s Ring camera as a ‘warning’.

So what does the sign say? Well, to keep it short, it essentially is a warning that if you knock on Yaya’s door, you’re pretty much entering into a verbal contract to pay her for all the time that she spends listening to you, all to the tune of fifty dollars per minute.

Now, we happen to think this is a pretty good trade-off as time is money, and Yaya explains in her comments that she has a lot going on in her life and even a ringing doorbell is enough to disrupt that, not to mention being kept outside for long periods of time by those looking to sell.

But the bigger question here is - does it work? And ladies and gents, it does. At the end of the video you get to see exactly how well, as there are a pair of solicitors (with a stroller with them, which is just another huge question mark for us), that wander up, read the sign, and quickly wander off.

Well, looks like we are off to get a similar sign made for us as well!