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Solicitor Attempts To Ride Segway Onto Homeowner’s Porch and What Happens Next Is Hilarious

Sorry, but we can't stop laughing.

Ring cameras have to be one of the greatest inventions. The home monitors let us know when we have company and allow us the opportunity to speak with our guests, without us having to actually answer the door unless we choose to do so, thanks to the device’s microphone and camera.

Additionally, the Ring doorbell gives us the opportunity to connect with others in our neighborhood as well. But, one of the best things about the Ring camera is because it records practically everything that happens on and around our property, we don’t miss a thing.

Such is the case with this homeowner whose Ring camera recently recorded a solicitor approaching their front porch while riding on his Segway and well, you'll have to watch what happens next!


LOL. We’re sorry for laughing, but this is hilarious! From what we can see in the video, it appears that he seems to be okay which makes it alright to laugh, however, his tablet appears to have gotten pretty damaged. And the way that piece of the tablet flew behind him is almost as hilarious as the attempted jump. LOL.

We love having a Ring camera for the security features for sure, but it’s moments and quick clips like this video that makes us really appreciate the handy device.