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Woman Shares Simple Hack to Always Keep Shower Sparkling Clean

It’s a cleaning game-changer

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There are many things social media continues to teach us. Thanks to multiple social media channels, we’ve learned how to make our house smell perfect for the holiday season and have also came across so many awesome DIYs that include decorating your home for the holiday season and concocting your own DIY cleaning solution to get your house back to spotless status after entertaining.

Today, we have another easy DIY courtesy of CleanTok and TikTok content creator @adhdwhileblack, we now have another amazing DIY cleaning solution and we’re impressed with the results!

This DIY solution consists of mixing vinegar, Dawn Powerwash dish soap and water (she uses Gain laundry detergent in place of the Dawn Powerwash because it’s a cheaper option) and place the solution in a cheap refillable cleaning scrub brush and scrub while you’re in the shower.

What we like about this DIY cleaner besides its’ simplicity is how it doesn’t have an intense chemical smell like some of the other popular household cleaners, but it still gets the job done just as great! Because of that, it makes it easier to clean the shower while you’re showering — how effective and convenient!

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