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The Couple Has a Super Secret Speakeasy Hidden In Their Basement and It’s Pretty Impressive

We never would have known that it was there.

One of the many lessons learned in life are “things aren’t always what they seem.” The term can be used both figuratively speaking and in the literal sense, as well. But literally speaking, after seeing many mystery movies and television shows, I’ve learned that book cases, floors, mirrors and even certain spots on the wall can be more than what they seem.

Such is the case with this storage cabinet in this viral video from TikTok user @kimmie_livin_life, who shows us that an ordinary storage cabinet is way more than what meets our eyes. What’s beyond the average cabinet door is quite impressive!


We definitely wouldn’t have expected that just by looking at the storage cabinet. It’s so cool and unexpected! We like how they have the peep hole covered by the toilet paper and makes it look even more discreet.

We weren’t the only ones impressed with this secret speakeasy! Viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts as well. “Wow, that is awesome,” one TikTok user wrote. “That’s about the coolest thing I have ever seen,” TikTok user @girthyd75 commented. “That speak is beautiful,” @willieblunt1978 wrote. “This is freaking awesome!” @chrisbrntn commented. “Wow that place is awesome,” @sharonk868 wrote.

This secret basement speakeasy is so impressive!