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College Girls Face Off Against Giant Spider (And You Can Guess Who Wins)

We'd be freaking out too!

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So picture it. You’re home alone, or maybe with a friend, and all of a sudden, you see it out of the corner of your eye… A dark and creeping shadow, skittering across your wall like it owns the place. You turn, look, and its… the biggest, ugliest spider that you’ve ever seen.

If you said you would shriek and run away, then welcome to the club! That’s pretty on par with what these girls did when faced with a similar circumstance, though in a pretty… hilarious manner!


Lexie and her friend were recently in their apartment when they got a rather… unexpected visitor. Said visitor was also pretty large, and creepy - a spider that pretty much none of us would want to come across late at night, or even in the middle of the day.

So Lexie immediately jumps in and starts trying to capture the giant arachnid with some tupperware. She does get lucky and snag it on her first try, but it starts skittering in the Tupperware and she drops it. The video becomes almost found-footage, shaky, and dropped while the two scream in the background before we cut to seeing the spider waddling across the floor to get away.

With another quick move, Lexie manages to snag the Tupperware over the spider again and her friend immediately says they should leave it for a bit. At least with the Tupperware over it, they can see where it is and that it hasn’t gone into some dark corner to come out like a creature from a jump scare later on. But by this time we are just wondering why they don’t just let the little dude stay. Maybe they can ask him to pay rent?

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