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Man Uses Just 1 Ingredient to Get Rid of Houseplant Spider Mites

And no, it’s not Neem oil...

So today, let’s talk about critters. More specifically, we won’t be talking about flies or ants but rather about spider mites, a common garden pest.

Now, if you aren’t a gardener or plant parent, then you may have never heard of these creatures, but a spider mite is essentially a tiny spider, small enough that they can be difficult even to spot but can create a huge problem for plants. They will grow on the underside of large leaves, spinning webs, and damage the plants. So how do you get rid of them? One TikTok creator has just the trick.


Tanner Mitchell, or TannerThePlanter, has had major issues with spider mites damaging his plants in the past. He has often tried to spray his plants in the past, but unfortunately, this method simply isn’t as effective. Often there are small areas that are missed, or the mites just crawl away for a short while before coming back.

So what is Tanner’s trick? Drown them.

Yes, that might seem a little bit drastic to some of us, but for those who have had to deal with spider mites killing plant after plant, maybe it isn’t so drastic after all. Tanner recommends wrapping the planter and soil part of your plant in plastic to prevent all of the soil from falling out, then getting a large bucket.

You will combine warm water in the bucket with about three tablespoons of Dawn dish soap. The soap will stick to the bugs and help wash them off the plant. Tilt the plant upside down and submerge the entire thing up to the plastic in the water and leave it there for a couple of minutes before bringing it back out.

Tanner dunks the plant a couple of times (which he says just makes him feel like he’s getting it a bit ‘cleaner’), before rinsing the plant off so that no soap, or mites, are left. Repeat this process until all the pesky pests are gone, and hopefully that will save your plants for many years to come!