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Man Shares 'Secret' Site That Scours the Internet For the Best Price On Furniture

You're sleeping on some amazing deals by not checking out this site.

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We tend to think of prices as inherently fixed. When we find a product or style of something we love, sometimes a dupe just won't do it. After recovering from some intense sticker shock over that desired thing, we sometimes feel we just have to cut our losses. After all, the price is what it is and there's no debating it. 

What if there was a way to look for the same exact product across sites and score the best price without doing a ton of research? Well, that's exactly what Matty McTech is here to tell you about. In his 147 part (so far) series where he reviews and explains the "most powerful sites" on the net, he found one that compares prices with a click of a button. 


"Are you tired of stores calling the same piece of furniture by a different name and charging more for it," he asks rhetorically in the beginning of his video.

And since your answer is undoubtedly a resounding "YES," he directs followers to a site called All you do is click the product you were trying to buy, then it lists the original name and price and shows you where you can get the same exact product for less.

In one case he found a kitchen cart a whole $500 cheaper on Amazon. There are popular and luxury name brands that range from Birch Lane to Khol's on there, with price tag variations you won't believe exist. So if you're looking to furnish your new home or just want to change it up, don't get dismayed by high initial prices. You may be able to score a deal on your favorite item!