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Man Makes ‘Spooky’ Book Nook That’s Perfect For Anyone Who Believes In Ghosts

This is creepy and cool!

If you’re a fellow book lover, chances are you have have amassed a rather large collection of books and may even have a dedicated space or library with quite a few bookshelves to store all of them. We get it. Reading books is one of the best past times. You can learn something new while allowing your imagination to explore and it’s simply a great source of entertainment.

Another cool thing about books is it can also inspire you to flex your creative skills. And that’s exactly what TikTok user @adam_rkc did when he made the coolest book nook that ghosts enthusiasts everywhere would love!


So spooky and so cool! We love how he expressed his imagination mentioning how his abandoned library is now filled with ghosts. It’s so creative. We imagination this tiny nook looks so cool amongst the other books on his bookshelf, especially with the hologram effect. Of course, we’re not the only ones impressed with this book nook, the comments are, too.

“What!? This is so cool!!! @noelleburd wrote. “That is awesome made me think of the Disneyland ride haunted mansion,” @goingplaces2 mentioned. “That's really freakin cool, however in my head I want the ghost librarian from Ghostbusters to shush me, and then freak out after five seconds of reading,” @ep1zud1c said. LOL. “This is the coolest thing I’ve seen!” @showboxmusicals commented.

This has to be one of the coolest DIYs we’ve seen to date. Will you try this?