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Woman Transforms Old Spoons Into Jaw-Dropping Jewelry

We *need* it.

As much as I appreciate minimalism to help cut back on clutter, especially in my home, that one rule goes completely out the window when it comes to my jewelry. While I’m not a fan of bracelets, I love layered necklaces and especially appreciate how beautiful rings are when they’re stacked on top of one another. It gives a beautiful bohemian vibe that complements my relaxed style perfectly.

So when I came across these unique rings created by jewelry maker Brittany Swider of Lady Forge Jewelry. How she’s able to transform old, antique spoons into one-of-a-kind statement rings is truly magical!


Not only do I love how stunning the rings are, but I love how she shared the history of the spoon she transformed it into a lovely ring; it made the piece of jewelry even more special.

People in the comment section also loved how passionate she is when creating the stunning jewelry. “I collect spoons rings and yours are by far the most intricate beautiful rings I have seen so far. Great job!” @leanajae wrote. “Immediately followed you and sent a message. what an incredible talent and to know the history so well!” @spongebritt commented.

Her storytelling and creative talent make these rings a must-have for any jewelry enthusiast. They’re so gorgeous!