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Watching This Brick Work Get Spray Painted Black Is Immensely Satisfying

Not to mention, it’s also beautiful

Brick is an amazing finish in most houses and buildings. Whether it is on the inside, or the outside, there’s just something about it the look that stands the test of time. It is part of the reason that many people put up faux-brick walls when they can’t use real brick, or why brick houses from days past have continued to last and be lovingly maintained.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t age or even look a little dingy, which is where this nifty hack comes in.


Michigan professional painter and TikTok creator Kris of InterQualityPainting ups the brick game, and by the looks of the comment sections is upsetting quite a few people, by spray painting the brick of the house he is working on black.

The overall effect is stunning, providing a rich, deep contrast to the rest of the house and while many might argue that the original red brick looks best, there are many others who say that the black brick is something new and unique.

Now, as many commenters are pointing out, you do need to keep a couple of things in mind when painting brick. Most are saying that brick still needs to breathe, aka be able to let out the moisture that might collect within its small spaces. This might not seem like an issue, until that water freezes and expands, damaging the brick if there’s no way for it to escape. This situation leads many to stain, rather than spray paint, their brick though this is far more expensive and time-consuming of an option.

So what are your thoughts? Is this the millennial version of putting linoleum over nice wood floors, or the perfect way to give brick a new, modern look?