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Woman's DIY Stained Glass Ceiling Is to Die For

We’d hurt our necks looking up at this all the time.

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Stained glass is absolutely beautiful, but it can also be just a touch impractical. Unless you have an old house, or you have been able to retrofit a church or something, you’re going to have a hard time adding real stained glass to your home.

Of course, there are alternatives, ranging from peel-and-sticks you can add to your windows to something like this woman’s neat spray-paint trick that transforms traditional glass window panes into something absolutely stunning.


So the creator behind WanderingPeacockHouse has quite the creative streak, so when given the opportunity to use a bunch of old window panes, some spray paint, and a blank spot in her ceiling, you know she jumped on it. She grabs all of those frames and heads outside, paints the frames themselves black to help give them a cohesive look, and begins her spray painting journey.

Now, we want to let you know that if you tried this, there is no point in trying to be perfect. The goal of the spray paint on the glass is to have that see-through effect, and you’ll be swirling all of the colors anyway. This creator starts off by laying down bases of white and metallic gold, then follows that up with her brighter shades - blue, purple, and green.

Each pane of glass gets a quick spritz before she moves on to the next until all of the panes are covered and eventually she puts them all to the side to wind up drying. She then heads inside before enlisting the help of her husband who has already stripped the framing off of the ceiling, revealing the skylight overhead. Now the whole plan comes together as the pair start installing the frames on the ceiling beams.

The end result is like seeing stained glass on the ceiling, all without paying exorbitant prices to do so! We love the play of light through the glass, and the various shades work so perfectly together!