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Woman Shares Best Staining Tool For Messy DIYers and We’re Obsessed!

All my messy DIYers need this!

The process of doing a DIY project is so much fun. When you find a good DIY that’s especially easy to do and turns out looking exactly how you imagined it would, it makes the process- no matter how long it took- all worth it. The only downside to some of these DIY projects is it can get quite messy, especially if you don’t have the right tools.

For those messy DIYers that seem to struggle with keeping paint solely on their DIY project, Morgan of @lifeonwillowcreek shows us the perfect tool to help reduce the messiness of paint projects. Not only is it genius, but it’s super affordable, too!


This staining tool is so amazing and makes staining wood so easy and mess-free! We love that it’s expensive, too! We typically use an old cloth or rag but this tool is so much better. Viewers in the comments are just as intrigued with this tool as we are! “Such a cool tool! Need to try this. I love using a rag but it’s so messy,” TikTok user @makingouroasis commented. “That might be better than my sponge,” @thechaluthouse wrote. “Neeeed that!” @em.terry commented.

This stain applicator is so cheap and effective that it’s almost impossible to make a mess. We love this for messy DIY projects!

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