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Welsh Woman With Stammer Practices Speaking By Giving Strangers Flowers

Not a dry eye in the house

Social media is an interesting “place.” While many people believe spending hours every day scrolling through different social media platforms can cause anxiety due to experiencing “fear of missing out,” also known as “FOMO,” there are some benefits to using social media such as finding DIY projects, connecting with other people who share similar interests as you, learning more about certain topics, and simply coming across videos that can simply bring a smile to your face.

Such is the case with a video we came a cross from TikTok content creator Jessie of @mimidarlingbeauty. This quick heartwarming video not only brought a smile to our faces, but it also made us cry a few happy tears, too.


Jessie starts off the video explaining how she has a speech impediment known as a stammer to a person on the other side of the camera. While conversing with the woman, Jessie says she completes random acts of kindness help her practice and challenge her speech. The random act of kindness Jessie chose to complete during this video is to gift the woman with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and it was during this beautiful moment, when both women began to cry happy tears and complement each other.

This was so beautiful to watch and we love how Jessie challenges her speech impediment by completing these random acts of kindness.

“You’re such a beautiful person and you’re incredibly brave,” the woman told Jessie. “I admire you.”

Honestly, we agree. What a beautiful moment and a reminder to try and make someone smile today.