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Star Wars Fans Are Going to Lose It Over This Man’s Basement Theater

In a galaxy not so far away...

Every few years or so, a major movie franchise come around and not only cause chaos at the movie box office, but also creates a huge, dedicated fan base whose loyalty lasts for many years. Some of the successful franchises with a loyal fan base includes Harry Potter’s “Potterheads,” Star Trek’s “Trekkies” and Lord of the Rings “Ringers.”

Another major franchise we can’t neglect to mention is Star Wars. Spanning across multiple decades, “Star Wars” has maintained its’ popularity amongst many and people continue to show their love of the space-themed franchise by collecting memorabilia, dressing up as their favorite characters at comic-cons and even dedicating an entire room in their house to the beloved franchise.

The latter is exactly what mega fan Zach of TikTok account @lawjedi did in his house when he dedicated his entire basement to the popular franchise. The amount of detail and thought he put into this room is out of this world!


How epic is his basement theater?! Only true “Star Wars” fans will understand the “made the vessel run in less than 12 parsecs” reference and Zach clearly is a true fan. Given the extremely detailed design and the voice operated features, this basement is giving all of the “Star Wars” feels and we’re just as impressed as his followers are in the comments, “I’ve never been so jealous in my life,” @cspringmusic commented. “Do you have any idea how much I want this!!!!!!!!!!!” @boogie792 wrote. “Today I met envy,” @giorno188 shared.

How can you not love this?! Especially if you’re a “Star Wars” fan.