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'Secret' Starbucks Menu Item Pays Homage To Beloved Flower & Everyone Is Obsessed

"The Sunflower" sounds like it is essentially spring in a Starbuck's cup.

Putting the plain black coffee aside, Starbucks' drink menu is a treasure trove of delicious combinations. If you aren't really a coffee person, there are so many ways to customize a drink to make it delectable. But any real Starbucks fan knows that the "good stuff" isn't always on the official menu. In fact, sometimes it is the local baristas who concoct some of the most refreshing drinks out there. 

"Lisbon Tarbucks," a TikToker who moonlights as a barista at the coffee chain inside a Target, gave the gift of her store's latest drink "The Sunflower" and people are obsessed. 


Firstly, this Instagram worthy drink is a gorgeous, with a red to yellow Ombre effect of the ingredients. The drink itself is pretty simple. To order yourself one at a Starbucks that doesn't have this listed as a specific menu item, as for your preferred size lemonade with raspberry syrup and topped with passion tea.

We can practically taste the "spring-in-a-bottle" already. Folks in the comments were practically watering at their mouths over this delicious looking mixture, with many vowing to stop by Starbies on their way home.

Uh, can you pick us up one?