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Woman’s Starry Ceiling Is an Idea We Might Have to Steal

This looks so magical.

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There are many ways people choose to decorate their home space. You can either take a minimalist approach, be a bit more traditional, appreciate the antique farmhouse look of a French country theme, bring the outdoors indoors with a rustic theme, or you can fall in love with the ever popular bohemian and whimsical décor that many people, including TikTok content creator Charlotte Violet of @happyenchantedhome adore.

Recently, she added a bit more décor to her eclectic 1882 cottage and we’re in awe over her newest decoration!


As you can see in the video, she created a magical starry ceiling and we’re in love with how cute it is! To do this, she created the gold starry stickers by using her handy machine to print them out and recruited her fiancé to help with applying them to the living room ceiling.

We not only love how it looks so cool and magical, but we also love how well it complements her furniture and overall theme of her living room, and so does her followers and viewers in the comment section. “Your entire house is so whimsical! Future house goals,” @_anna_saunders_ wrote. “It’s like the grownup version of glow in the dark stars,” @mcdave2 shared. “Looks so beautiful!!” @clarisoki commented.

We agree with the comments. Her living room ceiling looks so dreamy!

Don’t mind us, we’re jotting notes on how to do this for our space.