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This Makes a Strong Case For Investing In a Steam Cleaner

Ew. But also, oddly satisfying.
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We all have our methods of deep cleaning that we swear by; round mop heads are the perfect tool for cleaning cabinets, Dawn Powerwash cleans Crocs better than any other product on the market, putting toilet gel deodorizers on a trash can lid can rid stinky trash, and placing a ball of tin foil in the dishwasher will clean tarnished cutlery better than hand polishing. 

TikTok cleaning maven @stephasuasu posted a video to TikTok showing yet another great cleaning method that we honestly, all should be doing. If you don’t have a steam cleaner… you want to get one. 

This video is incredibly satisfying just as much as it is horrifying. The surfaces she uses the steam cleaner on already look sparkling clean, but the steam cleaner reveals there is still hidden dirt and grim stuck in the tiny cracks and crevices other tools can not get to.

The woman uses the steam cleaner, equipped with s tiny pin point attachment, to clean the shadows of many surfaces, including shower and sink drains, the brim around the kitchen sink, different components on the washing machine, that strange knob every toilet has at the base of it, baseboards around the house, the hinges on the toilet seat cover, and the cracks where stone meets wood in her side table.

With each pass of the steamer the woman reveals grit and grime that desperately makes us want a steam cleaner in our lives.

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