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DIY Enthusiast Stenciled Her Bathroom Floor and It's Stunning

Stencils are clearly making a comeback…

For the kids who grew up in ‘90s, do you remember how much fun it was using stencils? From decorating our class folders and binders with bubble letters, stars, hearts and more, stencils were perfect with allowing us to reflect our interests in an effortless way. So it’s no surprise that we’re now seeing stencils make a resurgence — and yes, we’re here for it.

TikTok content creator recently uploaded a video showing us how she gave her bathroom floor a makeover using stencils and we’re in love with how great the project turned out!


As seen in the video, the DIY content creator used the wallflower tile stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils, some tools including a Krud Kutter, a paint brush, a foam roller, and a stencil brush, as well as a few cans of Rustoleum home floor paint — including two base coats and another can used as the top coat. The actual colors she used for design was Windsor Gray and Oyster Shell.

To do this project, it didn’t require any sanding which made the beginner-friendly DIY easier to do. Of course, before applying the paint and stencils, it does help to have a clean floor, in which she believes the Krud Kutter works amazingly for this part of the DIY. She used two coats of the Windsor Gray paint to paint over her bathroom tile and after waiting six hours for each coat to dry, she took the stencil and used the Oyster Shell paint to apply the stencil design.

The finished look is beautiful and lightens up the space. We love this easy DIY!